My heart, O God, is steadfast; I will sing and make music with all my soul.

Psalm 108:1


Alan Gogoll - Tasmania - Australia

Alan Gogoll is a solo acoustic guitarist born in January 1988 in the picturesque seaside town of Hobart, Tasmania.

Recognised internationally as one of the finest solo acoustic guitarists, Alan has built his award winning reputation on intricate and uplifting musical performances and compositions using his original Bell Harmonics technique and signature guitar tunings which have seen him featured both nationally & internationally such as on ABC Classic FM, Guitar World and various other publications and pages. 

Alan’s guitar journey began at an early age on a guitar hidden away in the attic, and more than twenty years on that journey is as exciting as ever having released over half a dozen studio albums to date with several new pieces in the works set for a mid 2017 release.

As a completely independent and self managed artist Alan is very humbled and inspired to be able to share his music with so many and to receive such a wonderful response.

2016 saw a rise in popularity for Alan's career with the release of his videos Bell's Harmonic and Mulberry Mouse both of which had been in the works for several years. Some highlights from 2016 included receiving 85k+ Facebook likes, 25k+ Instagram likes, 5+million video views, 1M+ spotify listeners, making him one of the most listened to solo acoustic guitarists in the world. 2017 has seen an increase in those numbers, with Alan now focusing on new songs and videos.

With a deep passion and love for the guitar, Alan combines melody, rhythm, bass and harmonics into his compositions that he is delighted to share with his audiences around the globe and to bring people joy and connectiveness through his music.

Alan is proudly endorsed by G7th CaposJohn Pearse StringsSchertler Amplifiers, Snark TunersaNueNue Ukulele & Guitars and Paul Mineur Guitars.

Beijing - 2017

Beijing - 2017